Animal Nutrition
Enhancing Animal Nutrition

High-quality Ingredients for Pet Food & Livestock Feed

The health of animals depends on the nutritional value of their food, which in turn depends on high-quality ingredients. At Prinova, we are world leaders in amino acids, vitamins, proteins, hydrocolloids, preservatives, antioxidants, nutritional supplements, taurine, and many other ingredients for pet food and livestock feed. Take advantage of our extensive portfolio to create superior products that meet the standards demanded by both animal owners and regulators.

Prinova is a member of the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association).

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Amino Acids

We are a leading amino acid supplier to the animal nutrition industry. Our high-quality solutions for pet food products include taurine for cat food, as well as other amino acids for essential pet nutrition. Palatability is key to stimulating appetites to ensure animals eat healthily and regularly, and we also offer amino acids used to produce meaty flavours for pet food palatants. Meanwhile, manufacturers of products for livestock can benefit from our wide range of feed-grade amino acids.

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Vitamins & Derivatives

For an animal to eat the same food day in and day out, that food needs to provide a balanced diet, all on its own. Happily, we offer everything you need to create a product that does just that. As a global leader in high-quality vitamins and derivatives, we make it easy to fortify pet foods and livestock products with those small-quantity nutrients that make a massive difference.

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Prinova is one of the world’s biggest protein distributors, and a leader in plant proteins in particular. Our large inventory of protein ingredients includes soy, pea and rice for the supplementation of pet food.

Functional Ingredients

We can help you deliver the functional benefits you need in animal nutrition products, including preservation and extended shelf life.

You can count on consistent quality from our hydrocolloids and thickeners, which include xanthan gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum, and sodium alginate. They can help you achieve the perfect viscosity, texture and structure for your animal nutrition product.

We offer a full selection, and large stockholdings, of acids and acidulants, available in dry powder form and various liquid concentrations.

We offer a wide range of phosphates and sorbates for extended shelf life and other benefits. Our portfolio includes dicalcium phosphate and potassium sorbate.

Aroma Chemicals

We are one of the world’s largest aroma chemical suppliers, and our high-quality, competitively priced products can be used in a range of animal nutrition applications. Strong relationships with our network of partners mean we can provide transparent and reliable access to a world of in-demand ingredients.

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Essential Oils

As a leading essential oils distributor, we have access to pure, all-natural products from all over the world. Sourced directly from trusted partners, our portfolio of essential oils for animal nutrition includes a wide range of single oils as well as standardised blends.

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