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As one of the world’s leading suppliers of generic and branded botanical extracts, Prinova understands the importance of a robust and transparent supply chain. We prioritise traceability, so we can tell you where all of our extracts have come from. We work only with trusted producers who share our commitment to promoting safety and purity though measures such as minimising the use of pesticides and preventing adulteration. In fact, we’ve got everything covered, making us the natural choice for botanical extracts.

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Functional Botanical Extracts

When it comes to health claims, we believe that building and retaining consumer trust is essential. Many of our functional botanical extracts are supported by clinical studies, while others can draw on hundreds of years of traditional safe and effective use. Furthermore, our tight supply chain controls prevent adulteration, which means Prinova’s functional botanical extracts will always be exactly what we say they are.

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Branded Botanical Extracts

Differentiate your products with Prinova’s branded botanical extracts, many of which offer clinically-proven benefits. Our partnerships with leading companies such as Sabinsa and IN-Ingredients make us the go-to supplier for cutting-edge extracts targeting a range of categories, including sports and lifestyle nutrition, nutraceutical applications, and nootropics. Choose from our range of branded botanicals that support health benefit areas including gut health, joint care, cognitive wellbeing, immunity, and many, many more.

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Superfood Ingredients

Goji berry, kale, wheatgrass, acai and spirulina: just some of the on-trend extracts in our extensive range of superfood botanicals. Our aim is to be your one-stop-shop for superfoods, so if we don’t already stock a particular extract, our superfood superheroes will do their best to source it for you through our global supplier network. Simply contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for – and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Take Your Botanical Extracts Further

As a Prinova customer, you won’t just have access to the finest botanical extracts available. You’ll also get the benefit of support from our research and development teams. They’ll be on-hand to help you to overcome the formulation challenges sometimes associated with botanical extracts. Leverage our expertise and take your botanical products to the next level.

If you’ve got a great idea for a new botanical product, but you’re not sure where to start, come and talk to us. Our in-house product development team will work with you to bring your concept to life – and to market. Leverage our expertise, and together we will turn your vision into a reality.

To simplify product development, choose our customised premixes and market-ready blends, which incorporate required botanical extracts. Created by our in-house experts, they combine high-quality extracts with other ingredients from the Prinova portfolio. Technical support is also available to help you overcome any formulation challenges.  

In a competitive market, branded botanical extracts can establish a premium positioning for your products and increase trust among consumers. Prinova offers a wide selection of branded botanicals, giving you easy access to some of the world’s biggest names in natural ingredients.