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Branded ingredients can help you stay ahead of consumer trends and create products that stand out. We are a leading supplier of branded ingredients to the supplement, sports nutrition, and food and beverage industries. The result of exclusive partnerships and best-in-class scientific research, our innovative, branded ingredients offer excellent value and can give you the edge in NPD. We can coordinate your R&D, regulatory, and marketing efforts, helping you maximize the value of your product offering and reach a wider audience.


PlantGuard™ is a sustainable range of plant-based ingredients for food and beverage applications. Our portfolio of natural antioxidant solutions preserve shelf life, colour and flavour while delivering a clean-label claim.


AlphaTea™ is a natural source of L-Theanine derived from Green Tea Extract. AlphaTea™ is produced using advanced processing techniques to achieve one of the highest potencies of L-Theanine from Camellia Sinensis alone (up to 40%).

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Hayashibara was founded in 1883 and has been a leader in starch and enzyme technology ever since. Its functional carbohydrates are the result of advanced technology, and can be used to create innovative food and beverage products that enrich people’s lives.

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Aquamin from Marigot

Aquamin is a trusted, marine source of calcium, magnesium and 72 other highly bioactive minerals. The entire range is natural, plant-based and clean label, and backed by 15 years of scientific research. With options including fully soluble grades with no residue or chalky texture, we can advise you on the best formulation for your needs.

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EAAlpha™ is a patented, clinically studied blend of nine essential amino acids (EAAs) plus Arginine in an optimal ratio for muscle-building. Available on its own as a hero ingredient or with supporting flavours from Prinova, EAAlpha™ is clinically tested to be more effective than branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), generic EAAs, and whey protein. 

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Compound Solutions

Compound Solutions supplies unique, patented ingredients for sports nutrition, functional foods and nutraceuticals. Its effective, science-based, high-quality ingredients can improve both the nutritional value of products, and the health and performance of consumers.

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Sabinsa manufactures research-backed, patented phytonutrients and standardised nutritional ingredients from herbal extracts, probiotics, enzymes, and minerals. Since its inception in 1988, it has brought to market more than 100 high-value products, and been granted almost 300 product patents.

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Essentia Protein Solution

Essentia Protein Solutions is a global producer of animal protein solutions for the food and beverage industries. All of Essentia’s nutritional ingredients are derived from natural raw materials from beef and chicken. The advanced fractionation methods it deploys in its modern facilities involve only thermal and mechanical processing, with no use of food additives of any kind.

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Our experts can provide all the support you need to overcome challenges and develop your next breakthrough product.

Our branded ingredients can improve the strength and performance of premixes and help them stand out from the crowd. As the leading provider of market-ready blends and customised dry and liquid premixes, we offer expert guidance and a strong understanding of market trends to help you create innovative products. 

Whether you’re looking for full product development support or turnkey solutions, we’ve got everything you need to succeed. Our application lab specialises in using our branded ingredients to create winning formulas. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way — from transparent formulas to taste-testing demo kits.