Proven Amino Acid Recovery Solutions

EAAlpha™ is a patented, clinically proven blend of nine essential amino acids (EAAs) with the addition of Arginine. The blend is meticulously balanced to provide an optimal ratio for muscle protein synthesis (MPS), the perfect muscle-growth solution for brands looking to offer end users high-performing essential amino acid supplements and other products.


Promoting Muscle Growth Through Cutting-Edge EAA Formulation

With over 20 years of clinical research, EAAlpha™ has been proven more effective than branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), generic EAA blends, and whey protein for generating muscle protein synthesis. 


  • Produced using vegan friendly and non-GMO amino acids. 
  • Compatible with aseptic, carbonated, and hot fill Beverage applications. 
  • Low cost-in-use with efficient doses smaller than 4g.
  • Higher Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) compared to whey protein. 

Benefitting End Users with Improved Recovery Time

Clinically proven results show that EAAlpha™ improved recovery by 8X in post-surgical patients when compared to standard post-surgery care plans. The results below demonstrate the difference for participants recovering from hip or knee injuries.

Superior Muscle Protein Synthesis

After extensive research and clinical study, EAAlpha™ has been proven to be 3X more efficient than whey and 32 times more efficient than BCAAs for stimulating muscle growth. This unmatched muscle protein synthesis performance makes EAAlpha™ potent even in small doses.

High Performance in Any Application

EAAlpha™ pairs potent muscle building power with the functionality commonly associated with amino acids. Maximise your protein supplements and product formulations with EAAlpha™!  



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