Hayashibara Co., Ltd.


Smart Biotechnology for Better Living

Using advanced technology, Hayashibara creates high-quality, high-value products that are designed to enrich people’s lives. Hayashibara continually works to develop technological innovations that will result in positive influences on society through such products. As fellow subsidiaries of Nagase, Prinova supplies unique food ingredients from Hayashibara, including TREHA™, SUNMALT™, and Pullulan.

Pioneering New Fields for Over 100 Years

Founded in 1883, Hayashibara began as a starch syrup manufacturer. Since then, the company’s research and development teams have discovered new ways to bring molecules from nature into everyday life, isolating enzymes and developing a variety of saccharides. 

L’Plaza Applications Science Division

Hayashibara’s international applications lab explores new uses for their carbohydrates, as well as helping their customers develop new and innovative food and beverage products.


Patent-Protected Technology

As forerunners in starch and enzyme technology, Hayashibara innovates new processes, applications, and product parameters, enabling new uses to benefit consumers.

Proprietary Food Ingredients

Used by thousands of food manufacturers, restaurants, and bakeries around the world, Hayashibara’s functional carbohydrates improve the taste and sensory experience of a wide variety of everyday food products.

three pieces of sushi on a small white plate

Emerging as the fuel of choice for endurance, enduracarb® is a science-backed, slow-acting carbohydrate that can power athletes’ performance when they need it most. Produced using a high-purity production process and certified as an Informed Ingredient, enduracarb® is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including protein RTDs, energy drinks, gels and beverages.

three pieces of sushi on a small white plate

TREHA™ maintains and enhances original food and beverage quality, helping formulators develop products that taste and smell as good as they look. A unique ingredient found in nature, trehalose offers multi-functionality across a wide range of applications.

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SUNMALT™ is a high purity maltose, which is a disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules bound with an α-1,4 linkage. SUNMALT™ is produced by the enzymatic processing of starch and has processing characteristics similar to sucrose.

chocolate powder in a clear plastic scoop

Pullulan is a natural, water-soluble polysaccharide with excellent film-forming and binding properties. Pullulan films have low permeability to oxygen, which protects active ingredients, flavours and colours incorporated into the film from deterioration