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On-Trend Ingredients for Digestive Support

The trillions of microbes that make up the human microbiome play a huge role not just in our digestive health, but also in areas as diverse as immune support and brain health. As understanding of the importance of the microbiome increases, so do the opportunities to create innovative nutrition products. From probiotics to dietary fibers, Prinova offers a broad portfolio of science-backed ingredients that meet the growing consumer demand for digestive support and wider wellbeing.

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Product Development Support

We offer a range of value-added capabilities in the digestive support space, including full product development support for gummies, beverages, capsules/tablets, and RTM powders.

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The fact that the microbiome influences so many areas of wellbeing means there is demand for gut health solutions across a range of categories. In our latest newsletter, we explore the growing demand for digestive support in areas like sports nutrition, and opportunities to combine it with other benefits, such as immune health.

Branded Ingredients for Digestive Support

Gut health markets are increasingly crowded. To help you stand out, Prinova offers a range of science-backed ingredients from trusted digestive health brands 

Aquamin is a marine-derived multi-mineral complex with high content of calcium and magnesium, as well as 72 other trace minerals: 

LactoSpore® (Lactic Acid Bacillus, originally known as Bacillus coagulans) is a versatile probiotic which can assist in the maintenance of a normal, healthy gastro-intestinal tract.

LactoCran™ is a customised synbiotic blend of LactoSpore® and cranberry seed powder for gut health. It is clinically proven to improve the symptoms of IBS and other benefits include shelf life stability at room temperature.  

DigeZyme® is a proprietary combination of five essential digestive enzymes derived from the microbial fermentation of grain. 

The first tributyrin in the world to provide bioavailability in the colon as well as low odour, CoreBiome® offers benefits for overall gut wellness and bloating.  

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Custom Premixes and Market-Ready Blends

Simplify your supply chain and accelerate your innovation pipeline with our fortification and market-ready blends for digestive support. We’ll help you react fast and take advantage of new and emerging trends in the category.

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