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Ingredients for Distinctive Flavours and Fragrances

Creating innovative flavours and fragrances starts with sourcing the right raw materials, and Prinova has everything you need. Our product line includes high-quality essential oils and aroma chemicals from across the world, as well as amino acids, vitamins, and preservatives. With strategically located facilities on three continents, you can benefit from access to our ever-increasing portfolio, while our application expertise can help you solve any flavour or fragrance challenge.



Essential Oils

With three decades’ experience as a leading essential oils distributor, we have access to pure, all-natural products from around the world. Sourced directly from trusted partners, our ever-growing portfolio includes a wide range of single oils as well as standardised blends, and we can source new products on request.

Aroma Chemicals

We are one of the world’s largest aroma chemical suppliers, and our high-quality, competitively priced products can be used in a range of flavour and fragrance applications. Strong relationships with our network of partners mean we can provide transparent and reliable access to a world of in-demand ingredients.

Amino Acids

Amino acids can offer a range of taste and flavour experiences. Backed by strong supplier relationships, we offer the largest inventory of food-grade amino acids in Europe and the US, as well as expertise and market insights.

Vitamins & Derivatives

As the global leader in vitamins and derivatives, we have the world’s largest inventory of food-grade single vitamins, and we also offer premixes and custom blends.


We offer a comprehensive range of sweeteners and sweetness enhancers for flavour production. Particularly suitable for flavoured blends, they include single ingredients, blends, high- and low-intensity solutions, and plant-based options. They can be used in sugar-free, reduced-sugar, and low or zero-calorie products.

Functional ingredients

We also offer a wide range of other ingredients for flavour creation and other functional benefits. Our portfolio includes yeast extracts, acids and acidulants, flavour enhancers and preservatives.

Custom Premixes & Market-Ready Blends

We offer a range of customisable premixes and market-ready blends for flavour production. All expertly formulated for performance and efficiency, they can help you get your product to market more quickly. 

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