High-Quality Personal Care Ingredients

A World of Personal Care Ingredients

We offer a range of high-quality ingredients for personal care and cosmetic applications, including vitamins, preservatives, hydrocolloids, amino acids, essential oils, and aroma chemicals. As a global personal care ingredients distributor, we have strategically located facilities on three continents, and access to a huge inventory of transparently sourced ingredients. We also offer a depth of application expertise that can help you develop best-in-market personal care and cosmetic products.

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Amino Acids

As the building-blocks of proteins, amino acids are essential for skin health. The inclusion of our amino acids in your personal care and cosmetic applications can offer benefits for hydration, cellular repair, and stimulation of collagen production.

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Vitamins & Derivatives

We are the world’s leading supplier of vitamins and derivatives, which can offer moisturising, regenerative and antioxidant properties. With a large inventory of both single vitamins and vitamin premixes, we’re confident that we’ve got what you need for your personal care and cosmetic products.

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You can count on consistent quality from our hydrocolloids and thickeners, which include xanthan gum, carrageenan, and sodium alginate. With extensive experience of sourcing these ingredients, we’ll help you achieve the viscosity, texture, structure, colour, and gel strength you need.

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Essential Oils

Our pure, all-natural essential oils can be used in applications as wide-ranging as dental products, facial tonics, moisturisers and hair products. Sourced directly from trusted partners across the world, our portfolio includes a wide range of different oils and standardised blends, and we can source new products on request.

Aroma Chemicals

As one of the world’s largest aroma chemical suppliers, we offer both natural and synthetic solutions for applications including fragrances, personal care, and oral healthcare. Strong relationships with a global network of partners mean we can offer you reliable access to a world of in-demand aroma ingredients.

Preservatives & Acidulants

We offer a wide range of preservatives for personal care applications, including potassium sorbate. We also offer acids and acidulants in dry powder form and various liquid concentrations and in various packaging sizes and formats, including cartons, IBCs and ISO tanks.

Custom Premixes

In addition to single ingredients, we offer a range of premixes for personal care applications, including vitamin and amino acid blends.

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