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High-Performing Ingredients for Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition

Whether you want to create products that maximise athletic performance or simply support general health and wellbeing, you’ll want us on your team. With over 2,000 high-quality ingredients, a leading position in categories like amino acids, and world class expertise, we help you create innovative products that stand out from the competition. Our ingredients are ideal for a range of sports and lifestyle nutrition applications, including gummies, beverages, capsules and tablets, and ready-to-mix powders.



Branded Ingredients

In the crowded sports and lifestyle nutrition field, branded ingredients can help your products stand out from the pack. Prinova is a leading supplier of branded, science-backed ingredients that offer excellent value and give you the edge in new product development.

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Amino Acids

The body needs amino acids for vital functions like muscle recovery, as well as energy and performance. With the largest inventory of food-grade amino acids in Europe and the US, we offer a range of BCAAs, EAAs and NEAAs for sport, performance, and lifestyle nutrition, including custom blends as well as single ingredients.

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Protein remains one of the most important sports and lifestyle nutrition ingredients, with plant-based options increasingly in demand. We are one of the world’s leading distributors of plant proteins, with a large inventory of premium ingredients for sports nutrition. We have also developed formulations for optimal taste, texture and mouthfeel.   

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Vitamins & Derivatives

As the global leader in vitamins and derivatives we can help you create products with high-quality micronutrients for human health and performance. We have the world’s largest inventory of food-grade single vitamins, and we are the leading supplier of Vitamins B and C. 

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Botanical Extracts

Functional botanical extracts are increasingly popular in sports and lifestyle nutrition products. We can support your product development with both generic and branded botanicals, many of which are supported by clinical studies, as well as hundreds of years of traditional safe and effective use. 

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Functional Food & Beverage Ingredients

We can help you deliver a range of functional benefits, including improving taste and texture and extending shelf life. With extensive experience of working with customers across the nutrition industry, you can rely on us for first-class service as well as high-quality ingredients.  

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Prinova offers access to a wealth of nutraceutical ingredients from market-leading manufacturers across the world. Because we only work with trusted suppliers, you can be sure of high quality and performance. Our range includes standardised and customer-specific ingredients, as well as innovative new products powered by the latest science and R&D

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Our comprehensive range of sweeteners and sweetness enhancers includes single ingredients, blends, high- and low-intensity solutions, and plant-based options. They can be used in sugar-free, reduced-sugar, and low or zero-calorie products. 

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Custom Premixes & Market-Ready Blends

Simplify your supply chain with fortification premixes and market-ready blends for sports and energy drinks, fortified juices, functional waters, and more.  

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Product Development Support

We offer a range of value-added capabilities, including a full product development service. When you partner with us you get to be at the sweet spot where consumer trends and ingredient technology converge. Whether you're creating a new gummy, beverage or powder, you can count on us for cutting edge formulas, solutions for great taste, and a commitment to transparency. You also get all the benefits of our optimised supply chain and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities. 

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