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Nutritional Product Development, From Idea to Launch

Bring your ideas to life with our full range of product development services. From initial concept to final delivery, you have complete control of product development — giving you the power get to market quickly. Leverage our specialisation in ready-to-mix (RTM), beverages, capsules and tablets, gummies, and food applications.

Product Development

We are ready to help you develop your next breakthrough product. Leaning on our insight into the latest market and consumer trends, we collaborate with you to create a unique concept that differentiates your brand. Our experts then turn your concept into a formulation, evaluating and refining your product until the desired sensory response is achieved. We provide full transparency throughout the process and will work with you through production and commercialization to ensure your product is manufactured according to your specifications.

Direct Ingredient Sourcing & Distribution

Significant global reach allows us to source over 2,000 different raw materials. Real-time information on volatile markets and our more than 40 years of trading experience help you stay ahead of the competition. Count on transparent manufacturer documentation and traceability in our supply chain with robust quality control every step of the way. With unparalleled access to vitamins, sweeteners, proteins, amino acids, flavours, and functional ingredients, we are a one-stop shop for all your ingredient needs.

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Premix Manufacturing

The depth and breadth of our ingredient portfolio coupled with our market-leading positions in key categories enable us to quickly develop cost-effective premixes you can use to differentiate your finished product. Our expansive product and service offering is underpinned by the highest quality standards, including transparent sourcing and infant-approved manufacturing facilities.

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Market-Ready Blends

Speed up your product launch with our all-in-one blends for ready-to-mix powder and beverage applications. Base formulations can be customised with flavours and sweetener blends based on your needs, saving you time and money.

End-Use Market Forms

Explore our diverse nutritional product development capabilities:

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