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At Prinova, we partner with you through each step of the development process for capsules and tablets — whether soft gel, compressed, chewable, or effervescent. As a leading global supplier of food grade vitamins, amino acids and nutraceutical ingredients, we provide unparalleled access to high-quality ingredients for your product. With our deep market understanding, in-house experts, and vertically integrated capabilities, we accelerate your time to market.

Partner with us to create capsule and tablet formulations in trending categories, including:

  • Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

  • Botanical Extracts

  • Energy

  • Nootropic Supplement Formulation / Gamer & eSports

  • Eye Health

  • Stress Reduction / Relaxation / Adaptogens

  • Beauty, Hair, Skin, & Nails

  • Joint & Bone Health

  • Digestive Health

  • Immunity

  • Conception & Pregnancy Support

  • Weight Loss

  • Vegan

  • Hydration & Electrolytes

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Concept Development

In addition to an expert understanding of ingredients, we offer our customers a wealth of strategic insight into US and global trends. We conduct a gap analysis on your product line to help you choose, refine, and position your next big idea successfully. With tiered ingredient solutions and development approaches, you can create a winning concept that meets your goals and budget.

Expert Formulation

Our team of experts brings together a broad understanding of micronutrients, processing needs, regulatory requirements, and consumer demands. When it’s time to transform your concept into a reality, we apply that knowledge to help you create a stable formula that delivers on label claims. We know how to address common capsule and tablet formulation development challenges, including: excipients, overages, bulk density, encapsulation, milling, agglomeration, flavouring, texture, vegan ingredients, and more.  


We are committed to transparency and will provide a detailed list of ingredients in your formula, including the manufacturing origins of each line item.

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Production & Commercialisation

When it’s time to begin production, we provide support and guidance to assist your own or your third-party manufacturer and ensure your product is completed according to the correct specifications and highest-quality standards. Our quick sample turnaround times support your raw material position and enable small batch production trials so you can get to market faster. With our long-term fixed pricing, you’ll be protected against future market volatility.

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