Expert Fortification for Food Product Development

Nutrient-Rich Fortified Food Development

Partner with us to develop nutrient-rich fortified food products that are aligned with current consumer trends. Our nutritionally balanced premixes make it faster and easier to provide essential vitamins and minerals and support health benefits beyond basic nutrition like joint care, immunity, and digestive balance. We streamline food product development and reduce costs while creating innovative, customised blends that differentiate your brand.   

Our Expertise

Leveraging more than 40 years of industry experience and micronutrient expertise, we help you develop fortified food products that perform well through processing and meet your customers’ needs. 


Strong sourcing relationships and strategically located facilities on three continents enable us to provide high-quality, reliable ingredients and local market insight from around the globe. We uphold rigorous quality, compliance, and safety standards to help you navigate regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Food Fortification for Multiple Applications

Take advantage of our industry and fortification expertise for a range of food applications, including: 

Customised Dry & Liquid Premixes

Our premixes and blends support nutritional food fortification, product shelf performance, and a variety of health and wellness benefits. With our extensive portfolio of high-quality ingredients, we’ll customise a solution that meets your requirements.

A mom feeding a toddler in overalls baby food.
Infant & Early Life

Complete nutrition is crucial to the health of both mother and child, from conception to early childhood. Our premixes for infant formulas, follow-on milks, and other fortified foods ensure the right nutrition for this period of rapid growth. 

Two young girls in school dresses sitting at a blue table and eating noodles out of bowls with chopsticks.
Staple Food Fortification

As one of the most trusted names in the industry, we have the expertise, connections, and capabilities to fortify staple foods and deliver vital nutrition. From single ingredients to custom nutrient premixes, we have what you need to create cost-effective products that help bring nutrition solutions to people around the world. 

Our Vertically Integrated Capabilities


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Market-ready Blend Manufacturing


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