Beverage Formulation: Meeting the Challenges of a New Market

Prinova brings established products from a global beverage brand to a new market, with a specific focus on local regulatory requirements and regional consumer preferences.

Challenge: New Markets, New Requirements

Tailoring a product to new markets requires a deep understanding of both local consumer tastes and the regulatory requirements that govern food and beverage products.  


When a global beverage brand wanted to bring their beverages to several new regions, they knew they needed a partner who could help them create a formula that would be compliant with local regulations, address a market preference for nutritionally fortified products, and stay true to the existing brand.  


The partner they chose was Prinova.


Solution: Delivering Market-Specific Beverage Premixes

At Prinova, we take pride in helping customers through every phase of their product development process — and we are well-equipped to do it. As a vertically integrated business, we are able to take a collaborative approach to product development by leveraging in-house experts across many disciplines. 


With an eye on the unique regional trends, our marketing team evaluated label claims that would resonate with customers and create understandable added value. Our technical team then recommended the specific nutritional ingredients that would meet the desired label claims and function well in a beverage.  


The next step was to ensure that the beverage premix formula would meet local regulatory needs in each of the markets where the product is sold. We started by recommending overages to maintain compliance and achieve label claims throughout processing and the full shelf life of the product. This process included thorough application analysis using accelerated and actual shelf-life conditions, with adjustments made to nutrient levels as needed.  


Once the winning formula was complete, we developed an efficient bulk manufacturing process which packaged the premix into batch-weighted sachets specifically prepared for each of the customer’s global bottling sites.


Results: Confidence in Compliance, Security in Supply

Now our customer can sell market-tailored beverages with absolute confidence that their products comply with all local requirements. They rely on us at Prinova to simplify the manufacturing process by providing beverage premixes for the specific markets served by each bottling site.  


Due to the large scale of this customer’s needs, our product management team can provide market insight into the best time to lock in contracts on volatile raw materials. This allows our customers to not only know what to buy, but when to buy as well.   


Our vertically integrated business makes us a one-stop-shop for this global beverage brand. With crucial support in beverage development, marketing, formulation, testing, bulk manufacturing, and purchasing guidance, we are the powerful partner they need to grow their brand worldwide. 


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