Developing Ready-to-Heat Meals For Less

Prinova helped a breakfast foods brand develop new products for specific target demographics with remarkable speed and significant cost savings. 


Finding a Partner That Can Do It All

When creating new products, it helps to have a partner through the process who has both the technical expertise and the industry savvy to make sure that your ideas and formulas are on target. That’s why one breakfast foods brand chose to work with Prinova to develop a ready-to-heat meal — from concept to completion. 


End-to-End Product Development

The customer’s marketing team approached Prinova to help develop new breakfast product concepts with the goal of creating enticing, nutritionally-fortified solutions


Prinova has deep experience in the food and beverage industry, and was able to provide several options for various product applications and consumer demographics, including ready-to-heat meals designed for kids.  


Once the final concepts were selected, the Prinova technical team began formulating innovative vitamin and mineral blends to address the desired health benefits, such as bone and brain health. The team took particular care to ensure that the premixes carried the right overages to perform well through processing and retain the dosage required by the EFSA for the intended label claims. 

Speed, Strength, and Savings

Working with Prinova enabled the customer to have complete support throughout the product development process. With this support, the customer was able to launch three new highly-targeted products with unparalleled speed-to-market — and with significant cost savings, thanks to Prinova’s strong position as a world-leading ingredient distributor

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