Designing Premix Solutions for Supply Chain Resiliency

As a strategic partner, Prinova provided a variety of services to bring resiliency and transparency to the customer’s supply chain — without compromise. 


Challenge: Weathering a Global Pandemic

As COVID-19 created widespread business disruption and significant supply challenges, many companies were forced to reexamine their supply chain efficiencies. 


For one international brand, relying on a single supplier to create their meal replacement products was proving to be impractical given the global nature of the business. And when COVID-19 impacted the supply of nutritional ingredients and delayed delivery of their premixes, the brand knew it was time to make changes and increase resiliency across its supply chain.  


Solution: Strategic Supply Partner

To help the customer better understand inefficiencies and roadblocks within their supply chain, Prinova provided a transparent supply model supported by world-leading ingredient sourcing teams. The teams provided real-time, on-the-ground insight to help the customer make well-informed decisions, demonstrating some of the ways in which Prinova is dedicated to being a strategic supply partner.


The customer was also able to take advantage of Prinova’s global footprint and nutritional blending capabilities on three continents to further strengthen their supply chain and make it easier to serve their global production set-up. 


Of course, one of the big concerns of working with multiple suppliers is the potential for inconsistencies in the final product. However, Prinova provided fully confidential technical support to protect the customer’s formulas and brand — regardless of supplier — while offering guidance on improving formula efficiencies.


Results: A Stronger, Smarter Supply Chain

Through their partnership with Prinova, the brand was able to integrate a dual sourcing model, which increased resiliency to the supply chain. Prinova brought even greater value to their business by providing supply transparency and formulation guidance. 


By partnering with Prinova, the customer has an improved understanding of the ingredients and blends they buy, as well as their cost drivers. More importantly, they strengthened their competitive position and moved forward with full confidence that the new sourcing model wouldn’t undermine their product quality or brand reputation. 


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