Ensuring Ingredient Quality & Accreditation for Infant Nutrition

The Prinova technical team helped an infant manufacturer who was struggling to develop analytical methods for their formulas, and provided a comprehensive and cost-effective analytical model that ensured safety on their declarations.


Challenge: Stabilising Quality Control Processes

When an infant nutrition manufacturer turned to Prinova’s technical team for help with guaranteeing its declaration of ingredients, the stakes were high. Their in-house quality control laboratories were unable to stabilise analytical methods to control for standard deviation in the complex infant formulas. As a result, the manufacturer faced issues with certification, rising analytical costs, consumer product confidence, and even potential fines for health claims.


Solution: Collaborating on Accreditation and Quality Control

Prinova immediately deployed its first-in-class team of technical experts to assess and solve the infant nutrition manufacturer’s problem. Our meticulous focus on quality, compliance, and safety underpins our entire approach to quality and accreditation. With over 20 years of experience, we apply the highest possible standards in our dedicated infant-approved facilities. We also maintain strong relationships with regulators and external accredited testing institutes.  


Collaboration was the key to solving the problem. The Prinova technical team worked with the client to standardise their relevant quality control laboratory testing methods. Furthermore, we helped them work with testing institutes to develop appropriate testing protocols for determination of the nutrients. After sending samples to different accredited testing centres, we aligned the methods to verify the amounts. By solving their testing problem and ensuring safety with a reliable declaration of nutrients, we helped the client guarantee label claims and establish consumer confidence in their products.


Results: Creating Confidence in Quality Ingredients

Working as partners, Prinova assisted the manufacturer with a comprehensive quality and accreditation analysis capable of substantiating claims, legal checks, and certification efforts, as well as establishing the high quality of their ingredients. The client successfully implemented our proposed protocols, and the streamlined process also created cost efficiencies for their analytical processes.


Partner with us for a best-in-class solution to Quality & Accreditation.


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