Optimising Beverage Formulation for Flavour & Solubility

Prinova came to the rescue for a carbonated energy drink manufacturer by developing a tasty base formulation with high-quality botanical extracts.

Challenge: Formulation Inflexibility & Flavour Problems

In the crowded market for carbonated energy drinks, our customer was scrambling to offer a competitive product that stayed on top of beverage trends. Their incumbent supplier fumbled on lead times and couldn't respond quickly to formulation changes. The base formulation also experienced problems with solubility and extracts, and the beverage disappointed consumers with a poor taste experience.  


Desperate to solve this perfect storm of problems, the brand turned to the Prinova team for help. 

Solution: Optimising the Base Formulation with High-Quality Extracts

Prinova is one of the world’s leading suppliers in generic and branded botanical extracts, and we work only with trusted producers committed to ingredient supply chain safety, quality, and purity. For botanical extracts, our expertise in overcoming formulation challenges is unmatched.


Understanding that speed-to-market was critical, Prinova experts pulled together a rigorous and comprehensive product development solution. We quickly developed a stable base formulation that included high quality extracts. We prioritised flavour and solubility, and also took costs into consideration.


Results: Accelerating to the Forefront of Flavour Trends

Prinova partnered with this energy drink manufacturer to turn an under-performing product into a strong proposition, with a superb flavour profile, capable of challenging the leading brands in the market. We also addressed production loss at the beverage manufacturing stage. The team secured improved pricing and costs, saving the brand more than the incumbent supplier ever could.  


Leverage the Prinova expertise to maximize your beverage’s performance.  

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