Particle Size Enhancement for Bakery Premixes

Prinova helped a miller eliminate red spots from his dough, reducing his costs in the process.


Challenge: Eliminating Red Spots from Dough

The global fortified bakery market is primarily dominated by North America, followed by Europe, where bakery products are considered as a staple food and so have vitamins and minerals added to flour. As well as increasing millers’ costs, this can create manufacturing challenges, and it can take years to find a fortification solution that works both technically and commercially. In this case Prinova helped a customer who discovered red spots in his dough after using a premix containing iron. If the problem wasn’t solved his flour would be rejected by customers.


Solution: The Right Iron for the Right Application

The red spots were immediately clear, but identifying the cause required some detective work. After performing trials, Prinova’s experts discovered iron particles of an irregular size. Drawing on years of experience of finding the right iron for the right application, they replicated the product to see what happened with different particle sizes. This allowed them to identify a finer iron grade that offered much better distribution through the dough.

Results: No Red Spots, Higher Bioavailability, Lower Costs

The finer iron grade completely eliminated the red spots from the dough, but that wasn’t the only benefit. Prinova also reduced the customer’s costs by using a more cost-effective source of iron with higher bioavailability than the one originally used.

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