Premix Expertise for Fortified Bread

Prinova’s experts created a custom vitamin premix that remained potent throughout the baker’s manufacturing process. The resulting finished product was so successful that the same premix was used in other applications.


Avoiding Vitamin Degradation in Bread

Concerns about micronutrient deficiency and interest in functional foods are driving demand for fortified baked goods. As a result, the market is projected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% during a forecast period ending in 2026. One European bakery group approached Prinova to create a premix for a new bread product that would provide support for bone development and energy. However, nutritional benefits were not the only goal. The solution also had to withstand heat – and other rigours of the customer’s manufacturing process – to avoid vitamin degradation.


Perfect Formulation Protects Potency

As the global leader in vitamins and derivatives, Prinova’s experts had access to exactly the right nutrient forms. They were able to create a tailored vitamin B blend, which was rigorously tested to achieve the perfect formulation. The team carefully considered the customer’s manufacturing process, including dough preparation, baking temperature and time, and the shelf life of the finished product. It also overcame challenges relating to the interaction between other ingredients in the dough formula, which could have affected the potency of the vitamins. The result was a custom premix which had sufficient overages to ensure label claims could be maintained in the finished product, and remained potent throughout the manufacturing process.


Sales Growth and New Opportunities

The customer appreciated Prinova’s response times, flexibility, and communication. The finished product performed so well in retail that the same premix was rolled out into other baked goods in the company’s range. This led to opportunities to create other fortified products, including crackers and cereals.


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