Quickly Creating Customised Solutions

Developing a Premium Vegan Vitamin Premix 

Prinova solved a nutritional product development challenge for a customer by customising a unique high-quality vegan premix for a plant-based meal replacement, with exceptional speed to market.


Powering up a Plant-Based Meal Replacement

A Prinova customer faced a product development challenge: They needed a customised vegan vitamin premix for a meal replacement that provided a full, balanced range of vitamins and minerals, including some unique callouts within the formulation. They asked Prinova to help them develop a breakthrough signature product that could compete with the latest market and consumer trends.


Excellence in Nutritional Product Development

Speed to market was a priority. The Prinova product development team focused on creating innovative and nutritional vegan powders, snacks, and soups. The customer required trending nutrient forms, meaning a higher bioavailability of nutrients, as well as some branded ingredients for product differentiation.  


 Prinova specialises in incorporating vitamins and minerals into complex premix formulations across ready-to-mix (RTM) powders, beverages, capsules, tablets, gummies, and food applications. From concept to final delivery, the customer controlled each development phase. The Prinova team brought the customer’s product vision to life, evaluating and refining for the ultimate in mouthfeel and taste satisfaction.

Successful Premix Product Launch

Thanks to Prinova’s speed and innovation in product development, the customer launched a vegan meal replacement line based on a unique and superior formulation. 


Partner with Prinova to develop a customised, cost-effective meal replacement premix that will differentiate your finished product. 

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