Superior Infant Nutrition Ingredient & Premix Partnership

When a trusted brand in infant nutrition faced significant food quality problems with their premixes and ingredients, our Prinova team offered a comprehensive supply chain, compliance, formulation, and cost-control solution. 


Challenge: Quality Ingredient Supply Chain for Early Life Nutrition

When a trusted brand in infant nutrition experienced troubling issues with their incumbent premix supplier, they turned to Prinova for help. The client faced multiple problems, including complex technical processes gone awry, food quality control concerns, and cost inefficiencies.  


The client clearly needed an ingredients partner that had mastered supply chain control and regulatory compliance in markets across the globe. However, the business still felt daunted at transitioning dozens of complex formulas to a new provider. With a leap of faith, the client asked Prinova to proceed, putting their trust, brand reputation, and customers in our hands.


Solution: Strong Relationships, Reliable Ingredients

Infant nutrition manufacturers have to meet the highest standards. The quality of nutritional premixes is critical for infants and children to meet developmental milestones. Families and regulators demand the highest-quality ingredients, including organic options, at affordable prices. Product lines must offer tailored solutions not only by age, but also by lifestyle-friendly packaging options, ranging from liquids to powder. The result is complex supply chain challenges with significant compliance and cost implications. 


Prinova started with the basics — building a strong relationship. For months, the Prinova quality, formulation, and commercial teams visited the client’s technical and operations teams. To improve sourcing and reduce food quality issues, Prinova first developed a comprehensive understanding of their global supply chain needs. Thanks to Prinova's extensive technical services, the team also quickly transitioned formulas from the incumbent supplier. Prinova worked with the client to select high-quality, reliable ingredients and ensure the long-term stability of their supply chain. 


The Prinova team then quickly diagnosed opportunities the previous supplier had missed. In particular, the team helped adapt the client’s nutritional premix formulations to comply with organic standards for different regions, and introduced innovative ingredients that added marketing value. Prinova also met evolving regulatory needs in their end markets, including Guobiao compliance. Ultimately, Prinova offered the client local premixes in three continents, creating an efficient and cost-effective supply chain.


Establishing Excellence in Premix Quality Management

The partnership continues to thrive. To stay ahead of changing marketing and regulatory demands, Prinova and the client remain in daily contact to manage the complex premix formulations and requirements. Moreover, by building a holistic partnership, Prinova developed a customised costing model that offers the customer full transparency on pricing.  


Take advantage of Prinova’s unique independent leading position to get the best value and quality for your nutrient blends.


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