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Aquamin S



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Aquamin S

Aquamin is multi-mineral complex containing over 70 minerals, derived from the pristine waters off the coast of Iceland from the cytoskeleton of the red algal Lithothamnion spp. Aquamin seaweed multi-mineral complex is an all-natural, vegan, allergen free and non-GMO ingredient. It is backed by 30+ published research papers with benefits in the area of bone health, joint health, immune support and digestive support.
  • Products available; Aquamin F, Aquamin TG, Aquamin S, Aquamin MgAG, Aquamin AG, Aquamin Soluble, Aqu

Product Specification

Product Specification
Product Name Aquamin S
Hide H3 Product Name No
Health Benefits Cognitive, Joint Care, Immunity Support, Pre, Intra, Post Workout, Digestive Support, Vegan
Package Type 20 Kg cartons
Market Applications Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition, Beverage
Alternative Names Lithothamnion sp., Trace Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium
CAS Number N/A