Message from the CEO of Prinova Group LLC

 May 2, 2022 



 Dear Valued Customers, Executives, and Employees,


Prinova Group LLC and its subsidiary companies (“Prinova”) views integrity as the foundation of our culture. It is Prinova’s mission to maintain the highest standards of integrity in our daily operations through our compliance with the laws, policies, rules, and regulations that impact our jobs and our company. Compliance is mandatory, not optional. The responsibility for ethical and professional behavior must be taken seriously by everyone.


Through our compliance policies and compliance awareness training, we promote ethical behaviors to create a safe and harassment-free workplace. Harassment is not tolerated at Prinova. We provide the necessary compliance reporting tools to our employees for the reporting of any compliance violations.


At Prinova, we do not tolerate retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, raises a concern regarding a suspected violation of compliance. We encourage the reporting of any misconduct within the company. Prinova aggressively investigates and resolves any compliance issues.


Prinova promotes diversity and inclusion so all employees feel comfortable in their work environment. We do not tolerate discrimination and we treat each other with respect and dignity. We inspire each other to perform at a higher level to achieve our company’s goals.


We expect our customers, vendors, suppliers, executives and employees acting on our behalf to adhere to similar high standards of ethical behavior. Together, we will ensure our culture of compliance and integrity will continue to grow for many, many years.





 Donald K. Thorp 



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