Animal Nutrition
Enhancing Animal Health & Performance

Animal Nutrition Ingredients for Pet Food & Livestock Feed

Like humans, animals rely on proper nutrition for growth and development. At Prinova, we offer high-quality vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, additives, and many other nutritional ingredients to optimize the health and performance of pets and livestock. Take advantage of our local market insights, diverse ingredients, and robust supply chain to create competitive pet food and animal feed products. 


Reliable Access to High-Quality Ingredients
Reliable Access to High-Quality Ingredients
With world-leading positions in nutritional categories including amino acids, vitamins, proteins, hydrocolloids and preservatives, we offer access to over 2,000 high-quality ingredients. As a pet food ingredient supplier we can therefore help you create superior products that meet the standards demanded by both pet owners and regulators. About Ingredients
Supply Chain Security & Support
Supply Chain Security & Support
Our strong supply chain and global inventory provide fast and reliable delivery — even in volatile ingredient markets. Close relationships with manufacturers in key locations like China and India help you stay informed and make the right buying decisions at the right time. About Supply Chain
Extensive Animal Nutrition Ingredients Portfolio
Extensive Animal Nutrition Ingredients Portfolio
As a global importer of food-grade amino acids, our ingredients are critical to animal health and performance. Our vitamins, antioxidants, nutritional supplements, taurine, and other food-grade additives provide diversity and consistency to your products. We also offer essential oils and aroma chemicals for feed flavor enhancement. Animal Ingredients
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Meet Palatability Needs

Palatability is key to ensuring animals eat healthily and regularly. We provide ingredients for products that stimulate healthy appetites so that pets and livestock consume the food they need.

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Feed Flavor Manufacturing

Our in-house experts formulate animal flavors for a range of animals, including companion animals, dairy cows, beef cows, equine, and more. As a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified facility, we follow strict quality standards and adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP) every step of the way.

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Quality Assurance You Expect

Our dedicated quality assurance team has strict processes in place to ensure product safety, integrity, and traceability. We maintain the highest standards every step of the way, testing both raw materials and finished products. To ensure you meet animal feed regulations, we have many FAMI-QS-certified products available. For pet food, we are a proud member of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA).

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