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Fast & Flexible Flavoring Solutions

Speed, service, and incredible taste are the hallmarks of our flavors division – and also sum up why we’ve remained at the forefront of flavor trends in a variety of products. We’re one of the world’s largest ingredient distributors and nutritional solution providers, yet we offer the expertise, flexibility, and personalized service of a boutique flavor house. Our passionate and talented team is experienced and ready to meet your flavor needs.  


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Design Distinctive Flavors

Creating signature flavor experiences is one of our specialties. Whether you’re looking for something fresh and bright or satisfyingly sweet, our flavorists and application specialists help you develop customized on-trend flavors tailored to your specifications. 

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Speedy Flavor Solutions

Get the flavors you need fast. We offer a continuously expanding library of flavors readily available off-the-shelf, including individual flavors and complete flavor systems we’ve tested for performance and cost effectiveness.  

Optimize Taste & Texture

No flavor challenge is impossible to overcome. Leverage our expertise and our wide selection of masking and modulation ingredients to create a clean-tasting flavor profile every time. Options include: 

  • Bitter Blockers 
  • Bitter Maskers 
  • CBD Maskers 
  • Flavor Modifiers  
  • Mouthfeel Enhancers  
  • Sweetness Enhancers 

Diverse Flavor Forms

To ensure your flavor fits seamlessly into your products, our flavor application experts will guide you to the best flavor forms and delivery systems to suit your application: 


  • Liquid   
  • Emulsions   
  • Powder  
  • Extracts  
  • Encapsulated  
  • Natural Type  
  • Organic 



  • Water Soluble  
  • Oil Soluble  
  • Plated  
  • Spray Dried  
  • Natural & Artificial  
  • Natural WONF (with other natural flavors)  




Bring Flavor to Any Application

Choose an off-the-shelf product or a customized flavor solution for a variety of applications, including: 

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Trust Our High-Quality Standards

We adhere to the highest-quality standards and regulatory requirements possible in our industry. With GFSI-certified facilities, dedicated quality and regulatory teams, and rigorous in-house testing capabilities, we deliver product excellence to every client — every day. 

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