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Custom Flavor Development That Sets Your Brand Apart

Driven by innovation and exploration, we’re invested in helping you create custom flavor solutions that'll blow the market away. To do so, we cover flavor development from three critical angles: insights, technology, and efficiency. Our market insights help you align your choices with consumer trends, while our industry-leading flavor technology offers the flexibility and agile support you need to get to market quickly. Our robust and integrated approach ensures short lead times and competitive pricing for companies of any size.  If those advantages don’t help you create a winning product, we’re not sure what will. 

Developing Custom Flavor Solutions

From ideation to finished product, we’re here to solve your flavor challenges. We create on-trend, custom flavors to meet your unique specifications, and we offer a collaborative, solution-based approach. You can count on our vertically-integrated capabilities to inform and bring your flavor concepts to life.

Taste Modulation

Mask and enhance flavors and optimize product mouthfeel without sacrificing taste. Our experts apply masking and taste modulation ingredients to provide authentic, clean-tasting flavor profiles. Capabilities include: 

  • Bitter Maskers
  • Bitter Blockers
  • Flavor Enhancers
  • Sweetener Enhancers
  • Mouthfeel Enhancers
  • CBD Maskers
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Precise Flavor Matching

Our analytical scientists and flavorists work in close partnership to duplicate flavors with laser-like precision. With decades of experience and a singular focus on flavor, our team has honed the craft of flavor matching and developed industry-leading flavor analysis methods to reveal an existing product’s taste and aroma fingerprint.  

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World-Class Flavor Expertise

Our team of flavor experts is ready to solve your most complex flavor challenges. Whether you’re developing vitamin pre-blends, protein-packed products, or reduced-calorie formulations, we’re here to help. We’ll work alongside you — either in our dedicated customer lab space or your facility — to assist in developing your next top-selling products. 

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