Extended Shelf-Life Encapsulated Flavors

Extends Flavors Shelf-Life Up to 18 Months

Incredible flavors can provide a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that keeps consumers coming back for more. Protecting your flavors and increasing their shelf-life can help ensure consumers get the best possible flavor experience from your products. FlavorGuard™ is a new technology from Prinova which helps extend the shelf-life of spray dried flavors. Many spray-dried flavors which are used today are sensitive to oxidation. Adding FlavorGuard™ technology to your spray dried flavor can extend the shelf-life well beyond the standard cycle.


Using FlavorGuard™ extended shelf-life encapsulated flavors can provide many benefits to your end product including:


Shelf-Life Up to 18 Months
Shelf-Life Up to 18 Months
Increased Oxidative Stability
Increased Oxidative Stability
True-to-Taste Flavor Profile
True-to-Taste Flavor Profile
Clean Label
Clean Label
Cost-Effective Solution
Cost-Effective Solution

FlavorGuard™ Sample Library

Utilizing Prinova’s FlavorGuard™ technology, we can extend the shelf life of powdered citrus flavors to a total of 18 months. Below is a sample of our current FlavorGuard™ library.

#28519 Fresh Lime • Natural

#28520 Candy Lime • Natural

#28521 Lemon Lime • Natural WONF

#28622 Lemonade • Natural WONF

#28624 Lemon Zest • Natural WONF

#28625 Orange • Natural WONF

#28626 Sweet Orange • Natural WONF

#28627 Red Fruit Punch • Natural

#28628 Tropical Fruit Punch • Natural

Extended Shelf-Life, Great Taste

As a flavor manufacturer, speed, service, and incredible tasting flavors are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we took the time to make sure our new line of FlavorGuard™ Extended Shelf-Life Flavors taste great! When undergoing sensory testing at Prinova, we found that our test sample featuring FlavorGuard™ technology passed sensory testing after 24 months, compared to the control sample which failed at 9 months.* 


*Tetrad test with minimum 21 panelists evaluating an accelerated sample (from incubator) against a frozen control

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