Flavor Modification
Turn Off the Off Flavors

Bitter Blocking, Flavor Masking, and Sweetness Enhancing Flavors

Creating better-tasting better-for-you products is a lot easier when you have a partner who takes a personalized, hand-crafted approach to flavor creation. Especially when that partner is a leading supplier of the functional ingredients that can pose a flavor challenge. For flavor solutions, turn to the source expert. 



New from Prinova - Plant Blocker!

The newest addition to our Flavor Modification portfolio, Plant Blocker is a bitter blocking technology developed by Prinova to create better tasting plant-based protein products.

Plant Blocker was designed to solve the taste challenges that come with many plant-based protein ingredients. These challenges can include:

  • Bitter Off-Notes
  • Grassy, Cooked, or Hay-like Off-Flavors
  • Unpleasant Grittiness


Plant Blocker can be utilized in almost any product that features plant-based proteins, and works especially well with Prinova’s line of premium SmoothProtein™ ingredients. 


Request a sample today and create your next great-tasting plant-based protein product. 

Orange flavored beverage powder
Get Better without the Bitter

Too many better-for-you products with functional ingredients are just way too bitter for their own good. But with Prinova’s precision approach to flavor modification, you can block your way to a product that screams “better” from top to bottom. 

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Target and Mask Off-Flavors at the Source

We begin by taking a hard look your specific ingredient challenges. Then, we work with you closely to develop easily applied off-flavor solutions—for a smoother experience, all around. 

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Sweeten Up Your Experience

We handcraft flavors to address your specific issues with certain ingredients—helping you gain extra sweetness without the extra calories.

Citrulline Blocker Innovation

We received a request from a leading nutritional product manufacturer who was unhappy with the negative taste perception received when using a high dose of citrulline. Keeping the level of citrulline high was equally as important as a great-tasting product to the manufacturer to make sure their customers were getting the functional benefits they crave. Working with the manufacturer in our lab, we were able to handcraft a flavor modification solution that:

  • Blocked negative citrulline tastes
  • Easily blended into their flavor system
  • Kept the customers desired label declaration

Want to Learn More?

Flavor modification is the process of changing the perception of tastants on the tongue in order change how one perceives a flavor. Reasons why you might consider flavor modification are to either eliminate the off-tastes of a product, enhance sweetness, help improve nutrition, or reduce costs. We like to break down flavor modification into three categories- masking, blocking, and sweetness enhancing.

The intention of a masker is to mitigate off-notes while providing a neutral flavor profile. The approach involves using FEMA-GRAS materials that provide an aroma and/or taste attribute to lower ones perception of off-notes.  These can include common flavor ingredients as well as other materials including sweeteners, acids, and salts.

Blockers are able to change taste attributes through a chemical process.  An ingredient that acts as a blocker will interact by either binding with the bitter taste receptor on the tongue, or binding with the “offending” tastant. This process helps the tastant not be perceived by the tongue, therefore blocking the bitter taste or off-notes

Sweetness enhancers can help potentiate the sweet perception of natural, non-caloric sweeteners in addition to common sugars. These flavor modifiers are easily consolidated into other flavors and provide a cost-effective solution for adding sweetness to a product.