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A Beverage Ingredient Provider – and a Product Development House

Prinova is both a leading supplier to the beverage industry, and a product development house. Our extensive portfolio of beverage ingredients includes high-quality raw materials, as well as customizable premixes, market-ready blends, and flavors, which we manufacture in-house. This vertical integration means we are uniquely positioned to support you with full service product development in a range of beverage categories, including carbonated, hot fill, cold fill, and aseptic. We also offer real-time market insights to help you commercialize your formulas and create innovative, on-trend beverage products.


Our comprehensive range of sweeteners and sweetness enhancers includes single ingredients, blends, high-intensity solutions, and plant-based options. They can be used in sugar-free, reduced-sugar, and low or zero-calorie products. 

Vitamins & Derivatives

As the global leader in vitamins and derivatives, we can help you create functional beverages with high-quality micronutrients for health and wellness. We have the world’s largest inventory of food-grade single vitamins, and we are the leading supplier of vitamins B and C to the beverage industry. That, combined with our robust supply chain, means we’re confident we’ll have the vitamins you need for your beverage, when you need them.

Amino Acids

Prinova is a world-leading supplier of taurine, EAAs, and other high-quality amino acids for energy drinks and other beverage applications. With strong supplier relationships, we offer the largest inventory of food-grade amino acids in Europe and the US, as well as expertise and market insights. Our range includes micronized amino acids that deliver rapid, and total, solubility in powdered applications. 

Functional Ingredients

We can help you deliver a range of functional benefits for beverages, including improved taste and texture, and extended shelf life. With extensive experience of working with customers across the beverage industry, you can rely on us for first-class service as well as high-quality ingredients.


Protein is increasingly in demand in beverages and Prinova is one of the world’s leading distributors. Our large inventory of premium protein ingredients includes plant-based solutions for vegan claims. We have also worked on formulations for optimal taste, texture and mouthfeel.

Beverage Product Development

When you partner with Prinova on your product development project, we’re with you every step of the way. You can count on us for cutting edge formulas, solutions for great taste, and a commitment to transparency, while benefiting from our optimized supply chain and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities. From concept to completion, you’ll have full control of your product, and the peace of mind that goes with it.   

Custom Premixes and Market-Ready Blends

With market-leading supply chain superiority in functional ingredients, we can help reduce your costs and get your beverage product to market faster. Our premixes and market-ready blends of vitamins and minerals, amino acids and other micronutrients are ideal for the fortification of energy drinks, fortified juices, functional waters, plant milks and more.  We can also provide expert guidance on everything from formulation to label claims.

Flavor Manufacturing

As well as being a functional ingredient powerhouse with premix capabilities, Prinova manufactures its own flavors in-house. We’ll develop customized flavors that meet your sensory targets, and we’ll do it rapidly, saving time during development, and creating efficiencies in the commercialization process.

Branded Ingredients

Branded ingredients can help you stay ahead of consumer trends and create products that stand out from the crowd. We are a leading supplier of branded ingredients to the beverage industry, and our high-value products can give you the edge in NPD. 


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