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Branded ingredients can help you stay ahead of consumer trends and create products that stand out. We are a leading supplier of branded ingredients to the supplement, sports nutrition, and food and beverage industries. The result of exclusive partnerships and best-in-class scientific research, our innovative, branded ingredients offer excellent value and can give you the edge in NPD. We can coordinate your R&D, regulatory, and marketing efforts, helping you maximize the value of your product offering and reach a wider audience.

Mung beans with "Smooth Protein" overlaid.
Smooth Protein™

Expect More from Vegan

Assorted citrus fruits with "CitraPeak" overlaid.

Clinically Studied Vasodilator

A woman using weights with "HydroBeef" overlaid.

Beef Protein Isolate

A dropper and vial with "HydroBond CBD" overlaid.
HydroBond CBD™

Water-Soluble, Taste-Neutral CBD

A woman squatting with "EAAlpha" text overlaid.

Patented blend of Essential Amino Acids

Mountains in Swiss Alps with "Pacific Peptides" text overlaid.
Pacific Peptides™

Wild-Caught Marine Collagen

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Do More with Our Branded Ingredients

Our experts can provide all the support you need to overcome challenges and develop your next breakthrough product.

At Prinova, we know all about food and nutrition products – and we know how to flavor them too. Our powerful, trendsetting flavors are delivered with high-quality, high-speed service. Leverage our flavor experience to launch standout beverages, protein and pre-workout products, dietary supplements, and more.

Whether you’re looking for full product development support or turnkey solutions, we’ve got everything you need to succeed. Our application lab specializes in using our branded ingredients to create winning formulas. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way — from transparent formulas to taste-testing demo kits. 

We offer a range of turnkey contract manufacturing solutions for powder applications.