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Streamline your supply chain and reduce your costs by partnering with a leading food and beverage ingredients distributor and premix manufacturer. We offer a broad product portfolio of core ingredients, specialty products, premixes, market-ready blends, and more. With a global footprint and detailed knowledge of local markets, we’re armed with insights that can help you secure your supply chain. You can rely on our proven quality standards and extensive experience of serving customers across the food and beverage industry.

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Acids & Acidulants

With a full selection of acids and acidulants and large stock holdings, we deliver consistent, reliable access to the ingredients you need, when you need them. Available in dry powder form and various liquid concentrations, these ingredients provide multiple functional benefits across a range of applications. We offer several packaging sizes and formats, including cartons, IBCs and ISO tanks.

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Potassium Sorbate & Sorbic Acid

Sorbates combat mold, yeast, and bacteria in food and beverages, household goods and products for personal care and animal nutrition. Our world-leading position in the global sorbate market and our strong relationships with primary producers reduce supply chain risk in this sometimes volatile sector. We offer a range of products, including potassium sorbate. Our potassium sorbate is available in granular, powder, and spherical forms to suit your application.

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Hydrocolloids & Thickeners

You can count on consistent quality from our hydrocolloids and thickeners, which include xanthan gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum, and sodium alginate. With extensive experience of sourcing these ingredients, we’ll help you achieve the precise viscosity, texture, structure, color, and gel strength you need. Our range includes options that are ideal for vegetarian and vegan products.

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Phosphates can be used to improve taste and texture, adjust acidity, and extend shelf life. 


Our comprehensive range of phosphate ingredients includes dicalcium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, and tetrasodium pyrophosphate. They offer multiple functional benefits for household goods, personal care products, and tablets, as well as food and beverages. As with all our ingredients, we uphold rigorous quality standards and take pride in being a reliable partner in your supply chain.  

Perfect Your Formulation

Explore other categories in our ever-expanding ingredient portfolio to meet your beverage, dairy, confectionery, bakery, processed foods, snack, and food service product needs.


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We’ll provide the support and guidance you need to overcome common food and beverage challenges. You can rely on us to help you create exceptional products and reduce your time to market.

Simplify your product development process with our customized dry and liquid premixes. All our premixes account for the unique properties of each ingredient to build in necessary overages that compensate for processing conditions and potential shelf-life loss. We ensure stability and mask any undesirable flavors or odors.

Take your food and beverage products to the next level with standout flavors. From off-the-shelf options to trendsetting flavor development expertise, we have what it takes to help you launch successful, great-tasting products with unparalleled speed and service.

Developing innovative products is faster and easier when you have expert support to take your product from initial concept to final product delivery. We specialize in RTM powders, beverages, capsules and tablets, gummies, and food applications.