Nutrition for Immunity

On-Trend Ingredients for Immune Support

Immune support is a benefit that cuts across consumer groups, and recent world events have caused interest to surge. There is growing awareness of the central role nutrition plays in immunity, and demand for food, beverage and supplement products with immune health benefits has never been higher. While consumers want products that are backed by science, there has also been an increase in interest in natural and traditional solutions. With a network of trusted suppliers across the world, Prinova offers a range of ingredients for immune support. We are the world’s largest global distributor of Vitamin C, and our diverse portfolio also includes other vitamins, as well as minerals, antioxidants, and botanical extracts. Offering custom blends, as well as single ingredient products, we can help you create on-trend immune health products that appeal to all consumer needs.

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Product Development Support

We offer a range of value-added capabilities in the joint care category, including full product development support for gummies, beverages, capsules/tablets, and RTM powders.

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Flavor Manufacturing

In addition to our ingredients and premixes, we manufacture our own flavors in-house. We’ll develop customized flavors that meet your sensory targets, and we’ll do it rapidly, saving time during development, and creating efficiencies in the commercialization process.

Branded Ingredients for Immune Support

Immune health markets are increasingly crowded. To help you stand out, Prinova offers a range of science-backed ingredients.

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Custom Premixes and Market-Ready Blends

Simplify your supply chain and accelerate your innovation pipeline with our fortification and market-ready blends for products with immune support benefits. We’ll help you respond quickly to changing market needs and emerging immune health trends.

Explore Ingredients by Category

You can also explore our ingredients by their product category.

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