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Prinova is one of the world’s leading protein distributors, with a large inventory of premium protein ingredients from a wide selection of plant and animal sources. We have proteins for any application and for every consumer demographic, including plant-based solutions for vegan protein label claims. Whether you’re looking for functionality or nutrition, our proteins deliver consistent performance and are always sourced from secure supply chains offering full traceability. With Prinova by your side, successful protein formulation development is closer than you think.

Featured Products

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Collagen Peptides & Meat Proteins 

As the top distributor of collagen peptides and meat proteins in the US, we will help you to differentiate your product with high-end ingredients, including grass-fed and organic options. Tap into our technical knowledge to make selections based on taste, grades, materials, and solutions. We are the exclusive distributor for Essentia, the largest bone broth and beef protein producer in the US. See Nutrabroth for more details.

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Dairy Proteins

Maintain control of ingredient costs with our real-time online pricing for dairy proteins. Derived from high quality whey, our dairy proteins are sourced from manufacturers who work only with the freshest and cleanest raw materials. We offer a full range of whey protein ingredients, including concentrates, hydrolysates, and isolates. Minimum order quantities are low, giving you flexibility as well as performance.

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Plant Proteins

Meet growing demand for vegan-friendly and plant-based proteins with our organic and conventional options. Our range includes popular protein sources such as soy, rice, and pea, with the latter supplied through a partnership with Yantai Shuangta, the world’s largest pea protein producer. You can also take advantage of SmoothProtein, our premium vegan protein portfolio, featuring innovative protein-rich source materials, such as mung beans, watermelon seed, and pumpkin seed. SmoothProtein solutions are manufactured using a proprietary process that improves the sensory experience, with reduced bitterness and a smoother finish. 

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Optimize Your Proteins

Take advantage of our protein ingredient expertise with project guidance from our research and development team. They’ll give you all the help you need to overcome the challenges often associated with protein formulation development.

Optimize your product from start to finish. Our comprehensive range of product development services provides everything you need to bolster your product’s chances of success.

Our flavor experts specialize in high-protein applications so you can build a protein formulation that incorporates the latest in ingredient technology. Use our understanding of bitter blockers, flavor enhancers, and gum systems to optimize the sensory experience of your product and deliver the latest on-trend flavors.

Harness branded protein ingredients to boost the performance and appeal of your products. Solutions available include high-quality beef bone broth protein powders and premium vegan protein sources from leading brands such as Nutrabroth and SmoothProtein, and many other trusted big names.