Making the Switch to Natural

With Prinova’s support, a fragrance producer was able to minimize the cost of transitioning to a natural lavender blend while maintaining stable quality in its formulations. 

Challenge: Managing Formulation Change

A fragrance manufacturer wished to reformulate its lavender oil product in line with growing demand for natural ingredients. This would involve a shift away from its current formulation – a blend of lavender oil and synthetic ingredients – to one based on pure natural lavender oil and natural ingredients. However, on further investigation, it discovered that such a change in approach would entail a significant and unsustainable increase in raw material costs.  


Faced with this dilemma, the company approached Prinova for help with finding a more cost-effective way to achieve its goal. With an extensive global supply chain for essential oils, and market-leading in-house formulation expertise, we were able to provide the customer with the assistance they needed. 

Solution: Creating A Perfect Match

As well as minimizing any cost increases associated with a move to natural lavender oil, it was important that the new end-product performed in the same way as the original. This would ensure that current, loyal consumers noticed no change in their favorite fragrance.  


In the first instance, our in-house R&D experts performed a detailed analysis of the customer’s existing formulation. This was important to understand how ingredients were interacting so that we could work backwards from this profile to find a new solution that would match consumer expectations. 


Our colleagues were then able to begin work on re-creating the lavender scent using only natural ingredients. Prinova holds a large inventory of essential oils and natural aroma chemicals, and has an extensive supply chain that gives us year-round access to the raw materials our customers require. 


We identified a blend of pure natural lavender oil and other natural ingredients that combined perfectly to recreate the desired fragrance. Importantly, the cost of the new blend was substantially lower than had previously been envisaged by the customer. Our global supply chain provides us with ready access to high quality essential oils and natural aroma chemicals and the best prices all year round. 

Results: Just the Beginning

Working with Prinova, this fragrance manufacturer was able to minimize the cost of switching away from synthetic ingredients towards a natural lavender oil blend. Furthermore, the customer was able to save a significant amount of time that otherwise would have been spent trying to source more affordable raw materials that matched the required specification. Having successfully reformulated its lavender oil for fragrances, the company is now partnering with Prinova to move to natural raw materials across its complete range. 


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