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Sustainably Sourcing Essential Oils

A recent study reported more than half of consumers say they only purchase “from brands making an effort to be eco-friendly.”1 Recent CPG product launches over the past couple of years substantiate these sentiments. Growth in product launches with claims for sustainability increased 14.25% from 2018 to 2020.2

As more consumers take a proactive approach to influencing environmental sustainability with their buying power, the onus is on manufacturers to provide transparency and traceability for their products. A sustainable supply chain is imperative for companies now and in the future. 



2. Mintel GNPD – Food; Drink; Beauty & Personal Care; Household; Health & Hygiene products, matching one or more of the following label claims [Ethical - Sustainable (Habitat/Resources); Ethical - Human; Ethical - Environmentally Friendly Product]. 


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