Formulations to Boost Immune Health

March 30, 2021 


Written by Jayesh Chaudhari, Sr. Director of R&D for Solutions, Prinova USA 


A balanced diet is crucial to a holistic approach for becoming and staying healthy. Additionally, maintaining overall health requires a healthy immune system for the body’s defense system to function optimally. Lack of a healthy lifestyle and exposure to polluted environments impedes the functions of our natural defense system, making it difficult to protect our bodies from viruses. It is in cases like this, nutrient supplementation becomes important to achieve one's goal of staying well and fit. Along with some basic vitamins and minerals, research suggests that certain herbs and nutraceuticals can support normal immune functions such as natural killer cell activation, B-cell and T-cell mediated responses, etc. 


To boost the immune support of your offerings by manufacturing fortified products, Prinova’s Nutrient Premixes & Customized Solutions offer strategic formulations (total solution containing functional and flavor ingredients) compatible with your finished products, such as RTDs, RTMs, Bars, Cereals, Powdered & Liquid Supplements, Gummy, Chews, Tablets, Capsules, etc. Our formulations are targeted to provide efficacious amounts of nutrients. Prinova carries a broad spectrum of high-quality nutrient ingredients that claim to boost immune support, i.e. vitamins, carotenoids, minerals, fibers, botanicals, and nutraceuticals. Among them, vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of respiratory infections. Prinova makes multiple vitamin forms including vitamin D3 and D2 in various potencies, in powder and liquid forms, and compatible with all food and supplement applications. 


Additionally, we offer custom formulations containing comprehensive nutrient profiles for targeted health conditions, such as foundational wellness, heart health, stress, mental clarity & focus, energy management, relaxation & sleep, weight management, eye health, anti-aging, joint health, etc. 


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